CITIZEN FISH “Supermarket Song” (1990) lyrics

In the shops and supermarket chains
The checkouts play that song again
The notes ring in, ring out the change
Laughing all the way to the stock exchange

The music keeps us happy as we choose
The products that we can’t afford to use
The tokens on the packets, the percentages that drop
The ringing and the singing from the ceiling never stops

Buy the product and be free!
Live a life of luxury!
And it says so on T.V.
Every quarter of an hour

Consuming all the facts
Makes you feel you can relax
Comes neatly wrapped in packs
With ingredients on the back
So when you’re sick from plastic snacks
You’ll know precisely why

While you uphold the megastores
By paying what you can’t afford
The man who runs the shop next door
Remembers how it was before
When personality meant something
And costumers would laugh with him
They’d smile or nod as they came in
And adverts didn’t mean a thing

But now the supermarket chains
Are around your neck and purse
They sell the products to the strain
Of some long-forgotten dirge
Just loud enough to wash away
The headaches of outside
Another shopping paradise
Where god is on your side

They channel mediocrity
As life’s essential quality
You’re buying two to get one free
It’s some thing that you’ll never need
But greed and curiosity
Make you consume and let them feed

Free Souls in a Trapped Environment LP
Bluurg Records

featured on Today’s Lesson: Lesson 1