SUBHUMANS “No Thanks” (1982) lyrics

You sat on a bus and wondered
What future is there in this?
Working all week to get money
Cos money gets you pissed
So you thought “I wanna be famous”
And recorded a demo tape
Sent it to all the companies
And all they had to say was

No thanks sonny
We’ve heard it all before
Turning punk into money
Doesn’t work anymore

So you kept on working for money
Put out your own EP
And they put you in the papers
And worked out your family tree
The companies sat up and took notice
And offered you money and fame
The faces all change but the idea’s the same
So you thought you’d do it your way
And said
No thanks sonny
I can do it on my own
I don’t need your money
Just leave me alone

The record never got anywhere
You ended up on the dole
Finally got a job
With less money than before
Now you’re sitting on a bus
Where did it all go wrong
There’s nothing else to do
Except write another song
And it goes

No thanks sonny
We’ve heard it all before
No thanks sonny
You’re no use anymore

V/A Wessex ’82 EP
Bluurg Records

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