BORN AGAINST “Set Your AM Dial for White Empowerment” (1991) lyrics

Rush Limbaugh’s on the air again
Proving they’re all guilty until proven…
When he hits the captive rush hour
They’ll be laughing right along.
Aunt & Uncle tune the radio in
Make my cousins in the car listen
So someday they’ll be able to
Distinguish white from wrong.
As they scramble, ramble…
Scrambling from the cities too,
Newark, Detroit, L.A.
As a cue to the gun permit
Suburbs swelling on the edge of any town.
And on the radio callers have a catch in their throats,
Maybe some tiny hint
Of some growing alarm
As they scramble, scramble, ramble…
House to house
Drag brown faces into the shit.
And on the radio white folks call up to joke
So fed up with this liberal Government,
Set your AM dial for white empowerment

Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children LP
Vermiform Records

featured on Today’s Lesson: Lesson 2