STIFF LITTLE FINGERS “Law & Order” (1979) lyrics

Everybody’s down in the center of town
Doing nothing wrong, we’re only hangin’ around
They put you up against the wall
Make loudmouthed jokes just to make you feel small
Laugh at your appearance and the clothes you wear
Call that justice just isn’t fair

Talking ’bout their law and order
They don’t do what they oughta
Law and order
There’s no justice in it

I had a friend who was lifted by the law
Lifted and shifted and dumped on the floor
They treated him like shit, kicked him in the head
and then laughed when he bled
Spat in his face and pulled his hair
Call that justice just isn’t fair

I’m not trying to say we’re always right
No one’s saying that it’s black and white
All I’m saying is we don’t agree
I don’t think like you don’t think like me
I hope you never do

And that’s the way they try and run this land
How they hold you down and keep you in hand
You’re just a pawn in their game
Just another number you ain’t got a name
Just a little punk y’know they don’t care
Call that justice just isn’t fair

Inflammable Material LP
Rough Trade

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Inflammable Material LP

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