CHUMBAWAMBA “Stagnation” (1985) lyrics

A dog stares into a gramaphone trumpet
Waits for his call to action
Mute and obedient, standing to attention
Look a little closer, the dog is a man
Working on the factory
floor as hard as he can
The trumpets is a loudspeaker,
fixed into the roof
The man can hear His Master’s Voice
And it always tells the truth
The man obeys his master, and
carries out his work
And of course he is rewarded
with bonuses and perks
You see, they have an understanding
And this is it:
The man stands under his master
Whilst his master has a shit

There’s always been a pattern of struggle and defeat
Never that cycle incomplete
Never enough to tip the scales
Too many people rotting in jails
Or bloodied on the battlefields
The history books from every age
Have the same words written on every page
Always starting with ‘Revolution’
And ending with ‘Capitulation’
Always silenced by the truncheon
Or bought out with concessions
Always repetition…
Repetition… repetition… repetition…

‘I’m the boss of the factory
‘I’m in charge of the U.K.C.
‘Shopfloor workers run and fetch
‘As I sit around and smugly watch
‘And the process makes me stinking rich’
We’re all links in the factory chain
And the chain grows longer day by day
And whilst we’re apart
The process won’t stop
Repetition… repetition… repetition…

Revolution 7″
Agit Prop Records

CHUMBAWAMBA - Revolution