SUBHUMANS “Us Fish Must Swim Together” (1983) lyrics

Okay let’s start at the beginning
When fishes roamed the sea
They swam around before anything else
In ten million years B.C.

Then one day they decided
To evolve into vertebrates
And a few came out of the water
And got drunk to celebrate

Soon, well when I say, “Soon”, I mean
A couple million years
They evolved into various quadrupeds
With legs and things and ears

And about a trillion aeon’s later
They went all civilized
And built lots of bombs and council flats
That reached into the skies

The moral of this tale, you see
We are descended from the fish
And if we progress much further
We’ll put our lives at risk

We’re starting to destroy ourselves
With pollution, war, and greed
When food and sex and water
Is all we really need

When sink or swim is the choice you get
You cannot swim forever
You need support to keep you alive
Us fish must swim together

From the Cradle to the Grave
Bluurg Records

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